Purple Plum reductions

Today we had the pleasure of reducing these two Purple plums(Prunus cerasifera). The reasons were mainly to tidy them up and avoid any branches snapping out in high winds. You can see the before and after images above.

There are many reasons for carrying out reductions on trees and for larger trees it can dramatically reduce the risk of branch failure this is due to the wind sail effect. Once a tree has had its crown reduced even by a small amount the wind will have much less force on the tree.

One of the main reasons people reduce trees is to let more light in to their garden and even in larger gardens a crown reduction on a tree can have a dramatic impact on the light coming through.

If you are looking for a tree surgeon in Bristol to reduce a tree in your garden Woodstock Tree Services has all the equipment and knowledge to deal with any tree from the small to very large.

You can contact Eric on 07725951006 or Email on woodstocktreeservices@gmail.com he will happily come out to give you a free quotation and give you any advice you may need on your trees.


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