Large Dead Beech Tree Removal

Last week Woodstock Tree Services carried out the removal of a magnificent but unfortunately dead Beech tree in Cotham.

Although as arborists we don’t like removing trees of this size with out good reason this Beech had come to the end of its life and would have become a hazard before long. As you can see from one of the pictures above the bark has been shedding off of this tree for some time and was not in a good way.

When Working with a tree in this state and of this size upmost care should be taken, so all neighbours in the area were made aware of the work that was going to take place a week before hand and all staff were taken to see the tree before work was carried out so they could be prepared for the work ahead. The road was coned off and ‘Tree Cutting Signs’ were placed out to to make the public fully aware of the work going on and the staff on the ground were available to anyone who had questions to ask.

Woodstock Tree Services has some of the best tree surgeons in Bristol and made sure the best people were on the job to make the whole operation ran smoothly. Large sections of the tree were rigged down using ropes and pulleys to insure no damage occurred and the last part of the stem was felled using a winch to make sure it came over safely.

All staff who work for Woodstock Tree Services are highly qualified, have plenty of experience in the arboriculture industry and are well capable of tackling any job in the industry.

Woodstock Tree Services and its staff have kept some sections of the tree and are going to turn them in to coffee tables if possible as we believe it is better to try and use the wood from our jobs in as many different ways as possible. unfortunately we were unable to mill any of the trunk as it was too large for our mobile mill but we always aim to do so where we can.

If you have a dead or a dangerous tree that you are concerned about it is advised you seek the professional help of a tree surgeon and Woodstock Tree Services will happily come out to give you any advice you may seek and give you a free quotation for any work.

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