How Much will it cost?

There are many variables in the cost of tree work so there is no straight answer to this question. However, Woodstock Tree Services offers a free no obligation quote in which it gives the customer a chance to meet us and discuss the specifics of a job. We offer competitive prices and will talk you through your options.

Am I in a Conservation Area?

If you are unsure whether you are in a conservation area or have any TPO’s (Tree Preservation Orders) on any of your trees, just ask. Prior to most quotations we will check if you are in a conservation area which means we can let you know at the time of the quote.

What Happens If I am in a Conservation Area?

If you are in a conservation area or any of the trees have TPO’s on them then an application must be submitted to the local authorities. We are happy to submit an application for any customers, but you can also apply yourself via your local council website.

How Long will an Application take?

With trees in conservation areas an application usually takes 6 weeks to go through and work can start straight after. Applications regarding trees with TPO’s (Tree Preservation Orders) it may take a little longer, usually around 8 weeks.

Are you Insured and Qualified?

Yes, we are fully insured and qualified. All members of staff have all relevant NPTC qualifications and have plenty of experience in the tree industry. We are fully insured up to £5,000,000 public liability and have a copy of our insurance policy HERE for you to view. We believe in doing things in a professional manor and this means keeping up with new qualifications and staying fully insured.

Will you Clean up afterwards?

Of course we will. We aim to leave gardens tidier than when we arrived and will always check that you are happy before we leave. If you are not in and would like a picture of the final tidy up sent to you just ask.

When is the best time to prune my tree?

Most trees can be pruned all year round without any problems, however there are a few exceptions such as fruiting trees tend to be best left till the winter months when they are dormant. If you are unsure of the best time of year to prune your tree, just ask and we will let you know.

Hedges may also be subject to certain trimming times, but most tend to be trimmed during summer.

What is Ash dieback?

Ash dieback is a disease which effects Ash trees. It is causes by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. It causes loss of leaves, crown dieback and lesions on the bark of the tree.

Once Ash dieback has infected a tree the outcome is usually fatal. If you have any concerns about an Ash tree you can call us and we will pop out and let you know if your tree is at risk or not.

What is Pollarding?

Pollarding is essentially a method of pruning in which all the smaller branches are removed to leave a skeleton of a tree. This can mean cutting it back to just leave a trunk (we call this a monolith) or leaving a few larger branches to retain some sort of shape.

Pollarding can only really be done with certain species of tree such as Willow, Poplar and a few others.


Woodstock are fully insured up to £5 Million Public Liablity and you can find our policy here.

Health & Safety

We believe that health and safety should be number 1 priority for any company and especially for one that deals with the hazards of tree surgery. This is why we will do everything we can to make sure every job we do is well planned for and walked through with every team member prior to starting any job.

Not only does this give everyone involved a chance to point out any potential hazards or risks but also means everyone on that job knows what roll they are playing making jobs run smoother and more efficiently. Cones and Tree cutting signs will be place out on every job if it’s necessary no matter how small the job  and hi-vis jackets will be worn by all  staff if the job is in a busy area or on a road.