Ash Dieback (some information)

Chalara Ash Dieback is a disease that impacts Ash trees and is eventually fatal to the host tree. It is caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. The disease is spread by fungal spores released by fungal bodies on fallen leaves. These spores can travel around 10 miles and are carried by the wind.


Unfortunately there is no cure for the disease and it has now be spotted all over the UK and young trees and coppiced trees seem to be the most affected. Older and larger trees although are still susceptible to Ash dieback have a better resistance to the disease and will last longer until prolonged exposure eventually has an impact or it is weakened to a point when another disease can latch to the host tree.


When looking out for signs of Ash dieback, blackening and wilting of the leaves are one of the most noticeable signs (as shown in the picture above). If you notice this kind of leave wilting in the leaves between July and September then it might be a good Idea to get in touch with a tree surgeon. Another sign are diamond shaped lesions forming around the joints of the branches.

Ash tend to be one of the last trees to come into leaf in Spring and often don’t come out til the end of May. So if your Ash tree hasn’t come in to leaf when other trees have don’t start worrying until June.


Ash are one of our most important trees and make up almost a 3rd of our native woodland. Other than be being magnificent trees the timber from them is used for multiple things such as furniture, tool handles, sports materials, joinery and flooring.


Unfortunately we can’t prevent the disease from spreading but we can do things to slow the process down slightly. These things include…

  • Removing dirt from your footwear when leaving a woodland
  • Removing any debris from car wheels once driven through a woodland
  • Park on hardstanding when possible
  • Collecting and burning fallen ash leaves in gardens

Although Chalara Ash Dieback is widespread now there may be some resilient sub species of Ash tree so hopefully all is not lost.


If you are worried about an Ash tree you own and would like Woodstock Tree Services to come and take a look for you we will be more than happy to do so and will give you any advise you might need and give you a free quotation if any work is required. Just call us on 07725951006 or email

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